Tuesday, February 17, 2015

WIP - Praetorian Personel Defence - Combat Servitors

Small update,

The Praetorian Personel Defence - Combat Servitors always accompany the Rogue Trader, even inside his own ship.
I have tried to give the servitors the feel and aesthetic of greek/roman statues, and hopefully (if I dare) they will be painted with/marble to resemble that.
The Praetorian servitors gives the Rogue Trader a feeling of 'imperial majesty' of old terra.

As you can see, they are very WIP still.
A lot of work to be done with them.
Next step will be green stuff cloaks and shoulder pauldrons.


Sunday, February 15, 2015

Recovery and Utility Servitor Unit


Next model in the Retinue is the Recovery and Utility Servitor Unit.
The Shipmaster uses this servitor both during trade sessions, and in the field doing archeological surveying, digging for Archeotech artifacts etc.

I hope to be back soon with the next two models,



Rogue Trader Alberich Mordecai & His Retinue


After a longer hiatus - Im back in Inq 28 business :)
Having a child really takes away your time :)

Since my last posts I have done a lot of different projects, and now I feel it is time to return to Inq 28 models.

The Next couple of posts I will present:

[u][b]Rogue Trader Alberich Mordecai, 31st Hereditary Baronet of Mont-Claret & His Retinue[/b]

Yesterday I had some hours and put together The Master himself:

[b]Rogue Trader Alberich Mordecai, 31st Hereditary Baronet of Mont-Claret[/b]
[i]Shipmaster of the Sprint-Trader "The Wings of Euthenia" - Archeotech Hunter & Xeno-Archeological Extraordinaire.[/i]

More to come soon,



Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Retinue of Inquisitor Hans Theobalthus Mannheim - DONE


Well it seems that I finally got around to post the pictures of the Retinue - Done :)

I must admit that I really suck at taking pictures, as you have most surely noticed by now :)
So I teamed up with a guy that I met through a local hobby weekly.
Thanks alot for the help Jens :)

The complete retinue:

Dwain Freud - Ex-Guardsman

Mikhail Lyrii - The Magos

The Bound Daemon

Viktor Bakunin - The Ex-Commissar

The Chrono Gladiator

Interrogator Barabbas Kastor - Pupil of Interrogator Mannheim

Inquisitor Hans Theobalthus Mannheim - Ordo Malleus, Radical - Possible Xanthist

The Retinue

Thanks for following,