Tuesday, February 17, 2015

WIP - Praetorian Personel Defence - Combat Servitors

Small update,

The Praetorian Personel Defence - Combat Servitors always accompany the Rogue Trader, even inside his own ship.
I have tried to give the servitors the feel and aesthetic of greek/roman statues, and hopefully (if I dare) they will be painted with/marble to resemble that.
The Praetorian servitors gives the Rogue Trader a feeling of 'imperial majesty' of old terra.

As you can see, they are very WIP still.
A lot of work to be done with them.
Next step will be green stuff cloaks and shoulder pauldrons.



  1. Hey - good to see you are back and at it. Great models too - really like those two servitors here and the tracked one looks rather cool too.

  2. Thanks mate :)
    Im happy to be back at it,

    I have started to post in the Ammobunker again, so I am actually thinking about discontinuing this blog.
    Posting in several forums takes time - and have a blog besides this, takes even more time :)


  3. Just had a look over there - lots of cool models. Do you use the Inquisotor rules from GW when gaming, or are there any adopted rules out there? And is there any difference between what's called INQ28 and Iquisimunda? I seem to remember finding a lot of "warband" rules some time back, but cannot really find again - I don't think those were official GW warbands for Inquisitor....

  4. Yeah - Its a great place :)
    Acutually I dont really play - I only convert, model and paint them :)
    I have on occasion played a few games using both the GW Inquisitor Rules (modified for 28 + unofficial additions) as well as the fanmade Inquisimunda rules (Old Necromunda Rules updated for Inquisitor use). There are several threads in the ammobunker about this, check out http://s3.zetaboards.com/The_Ammobunker/topic/7671064/1/


  5. Sure will, models for that "line" are so lovely twisted