Friday, January 31, 2014

Magos Mikhail Lyri


Its been a while :)
A lot of projects have been competing for my attention.
And I have been working way too much..

But hey - better late than never :)

I know not many people will be looking at this blog - but at least it keeps me going, as I can set goals for my self to keep :)

Im really a photo-goof.
Lets face it  - the  pictures I take are shit :)
I was actually considering not posting pictures of this guy, as I really dont like them.

I actually like the way the model looks painted, and I must admit Im satisfied..
But it seems as if the pictures drains the model of all colors, shadows, washes and depth.
It looks horrible to be honest...
Quite sad..

But hey, here it goes:

Magos Mikhail Lyri



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