Tuesday, April 30, 2013

WIP 4 - Chrono Gladiator


Got the time to do a little for my Chrono Gladiator this evening:

Worked some more on the muscles in the side, connecting back/chest muscles with the belly.
Finished off the area with a belt, loincloth armor and a buckle.

Finally chose the head and put in on.
I think I want some tubes to go with the mask, either connected to his body or a flask/container in his belt.

Placed his thumb-claws as well, and the final claw look is now visible.

The I started working with the power / tubes + cables / aggressor stims.
Placed some vents, from what I imagined are connected to the internal workings of a small booster unit for the claws.
Still a lot to go with the tube/cables etc.

Still some things to be done though, but I think he is beginning to show what he will look like in the end.



Monday, April 29, 2013

WIP 3 Chrono-Gladiator


Alexander asked me about what kind of head I figured for the gladiator.

Originally when the idea was still an unsubstantial thought in my head, I had imagined to use a head from Chaos Warriors kit with the horns sawed of.

As the model progressed it was quickly obvious that such a head would be way too small, even with a lot of tubes and cables.

Well, I have this head in my mind now:

The mask will be boosted with a lot tubes and cables, and ofcause tanks for his aggressor-dope :)



WIP2 - Chrono-Gladiator


Haven't been that active lately, sadly.

Just returned from Obnoxicon, a four day con that some friends and I have been arranging and attending for the last 6 years or so.

I bit tired, but I managed to get some work done on my Gladiator.

WIP 2 Chrono-Gladiator

Done step two of the stomach section.
Just need some small corrections and the final touch.

Done step one of the back section.
With a little luck I can make some small corrections and be done with it without another step.

I havent been that careful with the area connecting the green stuffed stomach and back, and the pants.
This area will be featuring a heavy leather belt.

Next Ill finish the stomach and back muscles, as well as the belt.
Hopefully soon :)

Cheers :)


Friday, April 19, 2013

WIP - Chrono Gladiator


Had a little work done yesterday on my chrono-gladiator.

I left the office around 6. pm, so I didnt get that much work done on him.

He is still very WIP.

Its a good old-fashioned Chrono-Gladiator,

Edward Scissorhands on a bucket of steroids og a diet of speed :)
I havent done much thinkg of the background of this model, but I have a vague idea of him as a former Cardinal Palatine, condemned to eternal service in Mannheims retinue.
I hope I can get some story/background to shine through in the model.

The model still need alot of work.

I did the first steps to connect the claw and the arm.
Still need to attach the thumb and decorate the claws.
And ofcause alot of tubes and cabling.

I did the preliminary work on the slabs of his vat-grown muscles on his belly.
Still a long way from done with them, but I think it turned out ok as a 'skeleton' for the rest of the work.
Need to sculpt the large muscles on his back, and lower back.
When the model is close to done, add a belt to his waist.

Still working on a possible head for him.
So far I havent decided, but perhaps I will go for a Chaos Warriro helm, with a lot of tubing and cables to prop up the size.

I will add a lot of cables, tubes and wires.
Add his powerplant / Mechanical Booster unit.
Add alot of scrollwork, seals etc.

Hope to get some done in the weekend.



Thursday, April 18, 2013

Retinue Group Picture


Took at few pictures of Inquisitor Mannheims retinue yesterday.

Still need to get the last things done on the Daemon / Daemonhost.
Taking Alexanders advice, I have decided upon making it bound.

Inquisitor Mannheim would have a bound Daemon in his service, but not an unbound one.
He aint that far out yet :)
I think I will go for leather bindings, inscribed with wards etc.

Still working on my chrono-gladiator, and I hope to be done with him very soon.
If work permits me to spend the time, that is :)

When those two models are done, I think I am finished with Inquisitor Mannheims retinue... unless I decide upon a small thing or two more..
Then the painting will begin.. looking forward, and a bit scared :)



Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Daemon / Daemonhost - WIP


Finally I had some time to sit in the Library / Hunting Room / Modelling cave :)

I have been working a bit on my Daemon / Daemonhost:

Still very WIP.
Its a very basic conversion, no big flashy thing..
I have covered his mouth in flesh (ala The Matrix) to signal that Inquisitor Mannheim has submitted it to his will.
Not trusting it, he has made it a silent one, so that its whispering might not persuade him to do something foolish..

I am considering whether or not to make the daemon bound, and in that case, how much bound it will be.
Inquisitor Mannheim is very radical, utilizing daemonic lore and unholy weapons.
But I think he would still bind the daemon before using it, not totally trusting his own power over it.
He has not completely fallen from grace... yet :)

In the case I will go for a bound daemon, I am considering some kind of manacles, alternatively inscribed leather cuffs etc.

Hope to add some more pictures soon as I progres with the model.