Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Daemon / Daemonhost - WIP


Finally I had some time to sit in the Library / Hunting Room / Modelling cave :)

I have been working a bit on my Daemon / Daemonhost:

Still very WIP.
Its a very basic conversion, no big flashy thing..
I have covered his mouth in flesh (ala The Matrix) to signal that Inquisitor Mannheim has submitted it to his will.
Not trusting it, he has made it a silent one, so that its whispering might not persuade him to do something foolish..

I am considering whether or not to make the daemon bound, and in that case, how much bound it will be.
Inquisitor Mannheim is very radical, utilizing daemonic lore and unholy weapons.
But I think he would still bind the daemon before using it, not totally trusting his own power over it.
He has not completely fallen from grace... yet :)

In the case I will go for a bound daemon, I am considering some kind of manacles, alternatively inscribed leather cuffs etc.

Hope to add some more pictures soon as I progres with the model.




  1. good start!

    It should definitely be bound. Bound DH = radical inquisitor.
    Unbound DH = dead inquisitor. In game terms an unbound might be way too powerful.

    How about holy nails? Silver, brass, cold iron. And binding tattoos could be employed.

  2. Thanks :)

    Still wondering about the bound/unbound, working on my chrono-gladiator while pondering :)

    I must admit, that I know very little of the rules actually :)
    I mostly convert and model to create some nice characters and stories :)

    But its nice to know, as I plan to try playing with them when they are done :)

    How would the nails look ?


  3. Cool that you chose a bound daemon. Have you read Eisenhorn trilogy? Daemonhosts are very powerful in the book and those are still bound :)

    Nails could be represented in different ways. You could have stakes driven in to the flesh to bind him or use metal wire with a small hat of green stuff. or perhaps even use tiny nails from a hardwood store, carpet nails might work. or tiny screws for that matter

  4. Yeah - I have read it 5-6 times already, its a wonderful book :)
    I find that book a wonder of Inquisitorial spirit and style :)

    Sounds nice with the nails, Ill consider that :)
    I think I will make some leather cuffs / manacles with some holy trinkets, ward inscriptions and perhaps some chain.

  5. there is a great little inq badge on one of the grey knights shoulder pads. and some lovely holy relics can of course be found on the flagellant kit.

    Eisenhorn is kind of a new bible to some hobbyists. It has great bits in it and good characters but to me the problem was that it is a mystery where you already know who the villain is, and odd endings. Ravenor was a bit better imo but as with eisenhorn the ending is too quick, hundreds of pages of build up and it all ends on a few pages. sight. Oh well it's all fun pulp anyway :)

  6. Yeah, I have been through my GK bits and the flaggelant set, that set is a treasure of good stuff :)

    I agree that the Eisenhorn and Ravenor books could be better, and that the endings are abit rushed...
    But I guess I like them quite much :)