Tuesday, April 30, 2013

WIP 4 - Chrono Gladiator


Got the time to do a little for my Chrono Gladiator this evening:

Worked some more on the muscles in the side, connecting back/chest muscles with the belly.
Finished off the area with a belt, loincloth armor and a buckle.

Finally chose the head and put in on.
I think I want some tubes to go with the mask, either connected to his body or a flask/container in his belt.

Placed his thumb-claws as well, and the final claw look is now visible.

The I started working with the power / tubes + cables / aggressor stims.
Placed some vents, from what I imagined are connected to the internal workings of a small booster unit for the claws.
Still a lot to go with the tube/cables etc.

Still some things to be done though, but I think he is beginning to show what he will look like in the end.