Friday, April 19, 2013

WIP - Chrono Gladiator


Had a little work done yesterday on my chrono-gladiator.

I left the office around 6. pm, so I didnt get that much work done on him.

He is still very WIP.

Its a good old-fashioned Chrono-Gladiator,

Edward Scissorhands on a bucket of steroids og a diet of speed :)
I havent done much thinkg of the background of this model, but I have a vague idea of him as a former Cardinal Palatine, condemned to eternal service in Mannheims retinue.
I hope I can get some story/background to shine through in the model.

The model still need alot of work.

I did the first steps to connect the claw and the arm.
Still need to attach the thumb and decorate the claws.
And ofcause alot of tubes and cabling.

I did the preliminary work on the slabs of his vat-grown muscles on his belly.
Still a long way from done with them, but I think it turned out ok as a 'skeleton' for the rest of the work.
Need to sculpt the large muscles on his back, and lower back.
When the model is close to done, add a belt to his waist.

Still working on a possible head for him.
So far I havent decided, but perhaps I will go for a Chaos Warriro helm, with a lot of tubing and cables to prop up the size.

I will add a lot of cables, tubes and wires.
Add his powerplant / Mechanical Booster unit.
Add alot of scrollwork, seals etc.

Hope to get some done in the weekend.




  1. Big nasty looking smashing machine :D

  2. Yeah :)

    I wanted him to be a big brute,
    Slab like Vat-grown muscles all over the shop,
    coupled with stimms and growth hormone to make Arnold A look like a small poof :)


  3. Interesting start, the pose is really good.

  4. Hi Neil,

    Yeah he is a piece of slab muscle, vat grown and pumped up on growth hormone and combat stimulants :)