Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Retinue of Inquisitor Hans Theobalthus Mannheim - DONE


Well it seems that I finally got around to post the pictures of the Retinue - Done :)

I must admit that I really suck at taking pictures, as you have most surely noticed by now :)
So I teamed up with a guy that I met through a local hobby weekly.
Thanks alot for the help Jens :)

The complete retinue:

Dwain Freud - Ex-Guardsman

Mikhail Lyrii - The Magos

The Bound Daemon

Viktor Bakunin - The Ex-Commissar

The Chrono Gladiator

Interrogator Barabbas Kastor - Pupil of Interrogator Mannheim

Inquisitor Hans Theobalthus Mannheim - Ordo Malleus, Radical - Possible Xanthist

The Retinue

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