Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Retinue of Inquisitor Hans Theobalthus Mannheim - DONE


Well it seems that I finally got around to post the pictures of the Retinue - Done :)

I must admit that I really suck at taking pictures, as you have most surely noticed by now :)
So I teamed up with a guy that I met through a local hobby weekly.
Thanks alot for the help Jens :)

The complete retinue:

Dwain Freud - Ex-Guardsman

Mikhail Lyrii - The Magos

The Bound Daemon

Viktor Bakunin - The Ex-Commissar

The Chrono Gladiator

Interrogator Barabbas Kastor - Pupil of Interrogator Mannheim

Inquisitor Hans Theobalthus Mannheim - Ordo Malleus, Radical - Possible Xanthist

The Retinue

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  1. Like I said elsewhere, I think it's a really awesome retinue! Definitely an achievement to be proud of! I think some of the models could benefit from some very minor touchups to make them look even more amazing, but I'll just e-mail you some more detailed suggestions.

    For now, though, amazing job! Hope we'll get to see more INQ28 stuff from you one day!

  2. Great looking pieces! Full of character and style! My particular favourite is the Ogre Chrono Gladiator.

  3. Hi Guys :)
    Thanks alot for taking the time to comment :)

    @Kraut - Ill be looking forward to receiving the email :)
    And thanks again mate :)
    At the moment I have a few different projects on my work station, including som Inq28 :)

    @Jordan Lee - Im glad you like the retinue.
    The Chrono Gladiator seems to be everybody's favorite :)

    Thanks for taking the time :)