Thursday, April 18, 2013

Retinue Group Picture


Took at few pictures of Inquisitor Mannheims retinue yesterday.

Still need to get the last things done on the Daemon / Daemonhost.
Taking Alexanders advice, I have decided upon making it bound.

Inquisitor Mannheim would have a bound Daemon in his service, but not an unbound one.
He aint that far out yet :)
I think I will go for leather bindings, inscribed with wards etc.

Still working on my chrono-gladiator, and I hope to be done with him very soon.
If work permits me to spend the time, that is :)

When those two models are done, I think I am finished with Inquisitor Mannheims retinue... unless I decide upon a small thing or two more..
Then the painting will begin.. looking forward, and a bit scared :)




  1. Great gang! I'll be waiting for the painting to begin.

    If you could add a "friends" gadget it would be nice. It also makes it easier for people to find and follow your blog.

  2. Thanks mate :)

    Looking forward to start painting too.. a bit scared too :)

    I think I have managed to add that gadget, correct me if I'm wrong :)

  3. I'm sure you will do fine with the painting, some stuff I have made I now hate but you always learn more. never resting on ones former success. plus it isn't a competition.

    Yeah the gadget is there now.

  4. Nice!
    I really like the new daemon host! The ghoul king hands (at least the what I think they´re from) work really well!

    That said I think you should at least consider a full headswap... One of the new forsaken heads perhaps?

  5. @ Alexander - Thanks mate :) I hope too.
    The more you paint, the more you get the nack of it :)
    I think I have gone a long way since the beginning myself, although periods with no miniature fun makes you rusty :)
    Glad the gadget worked out - I aint the tech-fiend myself :)

    @Jeff - Its the hands from the champion in the ghoul box actually :) and thanks :)
    Regarding the head - that was my plan actually :)
    I went through all my boxs and containers of bits, and even though I have copious amounts, I couldnt find one I likes and where the size fit.
    The problem with this model is that its head and body is actually rather large, which makes a swap quite difficult...
    Im open for suggestions though :)