Monday, May 6, 2013

Thoughts of changes


Following a question from PDH on Ammobunker,

Yes I am rethinking my approach to some of my miniatures, with regards to the weapons.
I have been thinking about the comments from several of you guys, including Molotov, Peter, KrautS and others.

I get the fact that some of the weapons, are quiete abit too large for the models.
Altough I feel that some of the pictures makes the weapons even larger..
But I have decided to work some changes.
So Peter - The short answer - Yes, Im scaling back on the oversized weapons :)

Although I hope, retaining some of the violence in the models.
The retinue was supposed to be very physical and uncompromising.

I have identified two of the miniatures, that I think needs a refit the most:

Inquisitor Mannheim himself, and the Bountyhunter / gunslinger Solus.

Regarding Mannheim, I think I will exchange his too massive sword, with a smaller and more slender blade.
Right now Im thinking of some kind of sacrificial-looking blade / dagger / short sword ?
I have a few items in my bits boxes that would fit that description Im certain.
That would make him still having a daemonic blade / dagger, while letting the fact that he is dabbeling in the forbidden.

Regarding Solus, I see now that you guys were right about the pistols.
Even though this guy has got the biceps of Arnold S in the 1980's, carrying two bolt pistols with exstensions, are perhaps a bit too excessive :)
Righ now I am thinking of refitting two laspistols with new ends/butts to the barrels.
Then use my new tube tool, or some guitarwire, to link the pistols to a small unit on the lower part of his back with cables.
They would be some kind of hell-pistols, high-powered las-pistols or hot-shot las-pistols
I think this would work to downscale the sizes quiet abit, while still retaining some aggressiveness with the dual pistols.

What do you think ?


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