Thursday, May 16, 2013

Inquisitor Mannheim and Retinue - Done :)


Just finished the last base in the retinue.
That means I have to start painting them - which intimidates me a bit ;)

Retinue - Inquisitor Hans Theobalthus Mannheim,  Ordo Malleus, Radial, Possible Xanthist

I have several other ideas I wish to explore, including a cult and a conservative Ordo Xenos Inquisitor + retinue.

Hope to start painting very soon - if I get the time, I work too much right now.




  1. one of the best looking retinues about..i hope my mob look as good, and yes very intimidating, thats one hell of a job you got on your hands there.

    1. Thanks mate :)
      Much appreciated! Im practically blushing..
      Thanks alot for taking the time to reply in here :)



  2. Well, this retinue is surely coming together rather nicely! Some kick-ass models, to be sure: My favourites are the Chrono-gladiator, Daemonhost, guard veteran and the Inquisitor with his new sword.

    The bases go a long way towards nicely tieing the models together! Great job!

    I am very much looking forward to seeing some paint on these. And I hope my critique over at the Bunker didn't scare you out of posting over there! ;)



  3. Hi Kraut,

    Im glad you like the retinue, and that you have several favourites :)

    I had not thought to build the bases like this, but to go for a more simple look.
    Im glad you inspired me in this direction, thanks mate :)

    Looking forward to painting them myself, even though it scares me a bit too.
    The first stroke is always the hardest one I think.

    You didnt scare me away from the bunker :)
    The reason why we post and share our stuff is to get critique on how to build, enhance etc.
    I have a few blogs at the Danish model society called 'Powerfist', and this blog, as well as the one on Ammobunker.
    I guess I just felt that I used almost as much time posting, as actually workning on the models.

    I seems alot of my way of thinking and modelling miniatures in the Inquisition theme, differed from the majority of people on the Bunker.
    What I though was great, not that many people agreed.
    Which is completely fine :) - We are all different :)
    When it came to lay low on an area, the choice fell on the Bunker for that reason.

    I will continue the work here though :)