Sunday, March 24, 2013

And so the journey begins..


For a while I have been following the blogs and posts of others, as they journeyed through the Gothic Inquisitor 28 universe.

I have been deeply inspired by the likes of Blanche, PDH, Molotov, Neil101, Migsula, JRN, Fulgrim, Krauscientist and several other Inq 28 aficionados.

Recently I decided to start down the Inq 28 road myself.
Although I am neither as skilled, or as gifted as the abovementioned gentlemen, I will give it my best.
The blog will be about converting and painting Inq 28 models.

The wife and I run a small blog on a Danish hobby community called powerfist.
The blog contains or work and hobby articles, ranging from 40k, Fantasy, Inq 28 and other projects.

I have never before had a 'real' blog - and I must admit that several of the functions and technicalities elude my cognitive functions - but I will give it my best anyways :)

If you decide to take a peak on my work as it progresses - I'll see you around :)

Yours Sincerely

Janus Hedemann


  1. Hey janus you start as i leave lol.. oh well good luck mate , i would recommend you add a followers button so folks can add themselves ,, maybe follow by email for those who prefer that.

  2. Hey Neil,
    Glad to have you stop by my virgin blog :)
    I was sorry to hear you leave, it was always a pleasure to check in on your blog for some inspiration.

    I totally new in this, and I have little grasp of the many buttons, modules and so on :)
    I will be trying to add such a button as you mention, If I can manage :)
    So far I cant really figure out how to place a decent disclaimer, I hope the skills and knowledge will come some day :)

    Again - great to have you here Neil :)


    Janus Hedemann