Monday, March 25, 2013

Victor Bakunin Dzerzhinsky - Former Commissar


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Victor Bakunin Dzerzhinsky - Former Commissar
Violent bastard with a bad temper and a lust for punishment

I'm ok satisfied about how he turned out.
I think he looks violent and like a nasty bastard, while still retaining some of the commissar style.

The Mono-whips didnt quite turn out as I wanted them to, but I guess you dont hit the nail every time you strike ? :)


Janus Hedemann


  1. Intriguing concept, why did he fall? Nice model, perhaps a "hand guard" would make the whips look better?

  2. yeah I have had that thought myself,

    I have alot of BA bits left from my BA theme army, so I might go looking for a wing-guard for them :)

    I think he was altogether to violent and aggressive, with huge temper. Had some ideas of his own how to run the company and keep the discipline.
    Kind of picked the names because of that clash.
    Perhaps a clash between his commissar training (Dzerzhinsky) and his more aggressive, bloody and free-roaming thought of command and discipline (Bakunin)

    I think he was saved from the firing squad by inquisitor Mannheim, and permanently attached to his retinue as penance.
    His bloody and aggressive ways are welcome in the retinue of Inquisitor Mannheim.
    And his more free-roaming thought of command and discipline fits with Inquisitor Mannheims Radical approach.