Friday, March 29, 2013

Mikhail Lyri - Magos


Next member of my Mannheims retinue:

Mikhail Lyri - Magos of the Adeptus Mechanicus
Floating violent Magos with a craving for dark technology and forgotten lore - and double up on mechadendrites

And a few for size comparison:

In the end I decided to scrap the first backpack/power source.
It was simply to bulky and I think I wanted to do too many things with in on the model.

When I got the idea to this model, the sole purpose of him was to be able to let him 'float' on the mechadendrites :) I think that part went ok.

I went for another setup of servoarms to balance out the huge claw/fist.
The new servoarms and setup matches the claw-fist quite well I think, even though I know its a bit on the large size :) Buy hey - sometimes grotesqueness and large sizes grants a nice perspective :)

The Magos is equipped with somekind of neutral modified binary poison gun too.

I would like to thank those filthy few (properly just one or two ;)) guys who are following the blog and posting comments :)
Its always nice to get some reactions on your models.




  1. Great work on the heretek! Might be too late but lowering the claw arm might help make it look more natural. Nice drillgun! The floating effect worked out well

  2. Thanks mate :)
    I really appreciate that :)

    Yeah, I wont get that arm moving now, having the tubes fixed..
    I guess I will have to live with that..

    Im glad you like the concept :)