Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Project overview and some bits for the next model


Inquisitor Mannheims retinue is slowly getting larger.
Im not done yet with the models, but Im getting there slowly - model by model :)

As far as i have planned I stille have two models to build for this retinue:

A Daemonhost and a  Chrono Gladiator.
And ofcause I still need to finish the magos.

I have ideas about the Daemonhost and the Chrono Gladiator, what conversions and greenstuff work needs to be done.

Here is a small preview of the rough shape of the Chrono Gladiator.
There is some greenstuff work to be done, and a lot of tubes to be connected, but I hope it will work out as the picture in my mind tells me :)


Janus Hedemann


  1. Now get on with him!!!!

    Good stuff Janus

  2. Thanks mate :)

    Bit occupied at the moment - Easter and all :)
    Hope to get some done today though :)

    Wonderful to have somebody reply to my stuff btw :)